Southeast Red Vodka Gang Controversy Over Map Bottle

A new brand of alcohol product called Southeast Red is stirring up some controversy with its vodka promotion of San Diego area gang called Neradi3, which has a colored map on the bottle to mark the most prevalent areas.

The North American company revealed various activities on the re-designed label of their bottle, which sells for $20.

Though some are complaining that the vodka maker is glorifying the gang activity troubling the area, it has greatly increased sales. Liquor store owner Thomas Howell told local news station, News 8, that an entire case of “Southeast Red” sold out in two days and says despite the controversy he will be ordering more since customers are still coming in looking for it.

One area resident, Carman Evans, said that the portion of San Diego mapped out on the bottle is known as the “blood area.”

Other residents are fearful the bottles label will provoke tensions between rival gangs, and it has caused “a disaster waiting to happen.”

“I do not believe it to be a compliment. This I believe is negative notoriety. I fear this vodka … will target people who are already struggling with so many problems,” local Bishop George D. McKinney, of St. Stephens Church of God in Christ told CNN.

One local journalist who tried to call the Lakewood, Colorado based bottling company for a comment, quotes a company spokesman as to saying, “You ain’t getting no information… and I’d hate to have to sue you too. Because I really don’t want to be in your article.”

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