Starbucks Fully Denies Report On Restrooms

Starbucks Denies Report Restrooms – Coffee giant Starbucks has been secretly closing their restrooms to the public in New York City, but so far the company denies the report. Sources familiar with the new policy say the company is tired of being New York’s communal toilet.

In return, they have been making them available only to their employees. News of the toilet-downsize has already begun to generate criticism for the coffee giant. With 190 stores in Manhattan alone, New Yorkers seem to take the chain’s ubiquitous bathrooms for granted.

Starbucks is trying to flush the rumors, saying they are “completely false.” News that the coffee giant is closing some of its bathrooms caused angry chatter all over social media.

“They are not eliminating bathrooms, but feeling the pressure of more people,” a source said.

The source said the main reason for the closed-door policy is that their own employees have to wait in line with customers when they need to go. Problems occur if they try to jump the queue, because it angers customers. So the only solution is to convert the Seattle-based company’s communal bathrooms to employee-only loos. The Corporation said it is not closing its bathrooms to the public and said the rumors are false.

The one on 45th Street and Sixth Avenue converted its communal convenience to employees-only this year, the post reports. When the one at 47th Street and Sixth Avenue closed one of its two bathrooms, New York resident Michelle Madden noticed. The fashion designer said she stops at their for coffee every day. If she’s out and about and has to use the restroom, the coffee chain is usually her first stop.

‘It’s a convenience to be able to use the bathroom when I stop in to get coffee,’ she said.

The company released a statement saying: ‘Reports that we are eliminating restrooms are completelyfalse. Starbucks stores will continue to have communal restrooms available.’ However, the company did admit to converting some bathrooms to employee-only use in stores that have two.

In New York, any food establishment with more than 19 seats is legally required to have a public restroom. Yet most of the companies coffee outlets in the city’s Midtown have fewer than 20 seats. Earlier this month, Starbucks reported strong sales globally and a rise of nearly 29 per cent in quarterly profits.

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