Starbucks Sued For Bathroom Cameras $1 Million Distress

Starbucks is being sued for $1 million by a father, and his five-year-old daughter after they discovered hidden bathroom cameras in the company’s Washington D.C. store. William Yockey of Virginia was visiting the Starbucks near the National Mall when he discovered a tiny camera under a sink pointing towards the toilet. He then contacted the police and started an investigation as to who installed the device.

According to the civil suit, the Yockey family is suing the coffee brewer for $1 million for invasion of privacy, negligence, intentional infliction of distress, citing “permanent and continuing emotional pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment and great emotional distress.”

“The little girl was very upset and the father was irate,” Hank Schlosberg, the family lawyer, said in a statement.

“It’s not about money. It’s not about focusing on that at all, it’s just about getting Starbucks to pay attention in this is happening nationwide,” Lindsay Yockey, the victim’s mother, said.

Public records show that the company had requested to dismiss the case, though it was overturned by a judge.

“It’s embarrassing, humiliating, even today,” Yockey said. He added that video footage of his child “could have been all over the internet.”

This will have been the third time this year that a camera has been found in a Starbucks bathroom. A man was arrested in May for placing one in a California store and recording at least 40 women. Another incident happened in June when a man was arrested for recording in a Florida store.

“We take our obligation to provide a safe environment for our customers and our employees very, very seriously,” Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz said in a statement.