Sue Simmons Ousted From New York City’s NBC After 32 Years

Emmy Award winning Sue Simmons worked for local New York City’s NBC news as an anchor for 32 years, but was recently ousted when her contract was not renewed.

Simmons became famous in 2008 and when she said the ‘F’ word live on air, but then apologized to the audience about 30 minutes later.

However, a network source has indicated to The New York Post that the 68-year-old’s $5 million annual salary was too high, especially for someone who they say lost interest in their job.

“It is a lot of money, and many people have been under the impression that Sue had been phoning it in for a while,” the station source was quoted as saying. The source indicated that the lackadaisical way she has decided to deliver the news is the reason for the ‘F’ word mistake.

According to a former co-worker reporting to The Post, that Simmons also became famous for drinking alcohol between telecasts.

Her current contract expires in June, and last month, she already was removed from the 5 p.m. broadcasts, being replaced by co-anchor Chuck Scarborough. She will appear on the 11p.m. broadcasts until the end of her contract.

The source said that station managers had told Comcast, the parent company, that if Simmon’s contract was cut from the budget, they could save many other jobs at the station.

“She had this attitude like, ‘I’ve worked hard for all these years to get to this point, and I’ve done enough,’ ” said another top station source.

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