Sunbelt Clean Energy Markets

Sunbelt Markets – Sunbelt International Inc. markets clean energy usage.

The progressive wind turbine solar panel hybrid company is currently in talks with a private Chinese bank with the intent for the financial institution to become the exclusive leasing agent to provide consumer financing for wind turbines, turbine hybrids, and solar panels.

The Chinese bank has signed a letter of intent with the company to finalize the agreement early in 2012.

SUNB the progressive growing clean energy company that provides clean, renewable sources of power generation will look to take advantage of generous grants and tax breaks by government, with the aim of increasing clean energy usage.

Sunbelt International markets high quality Wind Turbines and Solar Prowinder Hybrids in China. A Prowinder Hybrid has a wind turbine to harness wind energy as well as having solar panels to accept the suns energy.

The alternative energy markets are growing rapidly worldwide as uptake of technology gathers pace. Wind energy and solar energy where strong growth in 2010 and set for more solid growth, according to the Bloomberg 2011 Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook.

According to Fang Soo Lui, President of Sunbelt International, “This relationship will enable our customers to obtain the environmentally sustainable technology without the burden of expensive financing rates.”

This important financial relationship will solidify the Company’s growth opportunity and distribution internationally. The financing will be determined by calculating the present value of equipment costs, and consumers pay these costs incrementally, as the equipment is used based on amortization of the life of the equipment use. Furthermore, additional turbines and solar accessories purchased will be recalculated based on the original financing options, making the product more affordable and accessible both on a short term and long run basis.

This opportunity will be 100% financing unlike most traditional financing.

“We continue to look for opportunities to grow Sunbelt International on behalf of our shareholders,” said Sunbelt President, Fang Soo Lui. “We plan to continue expansion into new markets because our units will save consumers money in an uncertain future. This new relationship with the private bank in China will get more of our units to more people. The turbines and solar panels are a sustainable option that will help the environment and save energy costs.”