Survey Shows 1 In 3 Facebook Users Bored

The failure of a successful IPO launch may not be the only sign of trouble for Facebook as a recent poll indicated that 1 in 3 users are bored out of their minds with the social-networking site.

The survey was recently conducted by Reuters and showed that maybe there is finally a sign that Facebook will end up like all other social sites before it and start to fade.

The numbers are based on just over 1000 Americans who were polled in the survey. Of those who participated 79% reported even having a Facebook account and out of those, 20% of them said they were using the site more than they were 6 months ago.

About 50% said their usage has remained about the same as it did before, while 34% said they use the site less often then they use too.

Those who indicated that they did not use Facebook as much felt that the service had become either “boring,” “not relevant,” or “not useful.” Out of the 34% that had started to shy away from the site, a third of them indicated they do so out of privacy concerns.

Another issue for Facebook is their way of advertising, which is how they make a bulk of their money. Out of the users polled only about 20% say they ever bought something because of an ad they saw on Facebook.

This of course is just a small sampling of the millions of users whom Facebook has, and Facebook has had quite a long run and probably won’t go away anytime soon, but this might just be one small piece of proof that nothing lasts forever.

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