The Dos & Don’ts of Summer Work Wear

The Dos & Don’ts of Summer Work Wear – Summer poses an interesting conundrum regarding the dos and don’ts of seasonal work wear in the office. The temperatures are hot outside, and you want to be comfortable, but it would be inappropriate to show too much skin. Luckily, Michael Kors is helping us navigate this fashion minefield.

#1 – Lighten up on your accessories. Switch your winter work bag to a summery shade like peanut or vanilla. It keeps things businesslike, yet fresh and airy (even if your bag is leather). Continuing to use the dark brown or black leather bag you use in the cooler months makes you look off balance with lightweight summer clothes.

#2 – Show off with color (not skin). Play with pops of bright color when the temperature rises. Try an orange cardigan or a green skirt to break-up your neutral wardrobe. Be careful not to go head to toe in bright colors. You want a pop of color, not to look like a box of crayons – one piece per outfit is enough.

#3 – Don’t forget to keep your feet looking professional too! It’s really easy to wear sandals or flip flops all summer. These are not appropriate for the office. Grab yourself some nude covered up sandals with chunky straps, like these Badgley Mischka wedges. They are cute, flirty, summery, and look great with dresses, skirts and pants without being as hot as pumps or loafers. If you have to wear closed-toe shoes, go for a lighter color for your heels. Nude looks great with everything and makes your legs look a mile long!

#4 – Go for dresses you can breathe in. Floaty looks in light fabric are this season’s best friend. More relaxed dress shapes keep you cool and comfortable. Whatever you do, don’t raise your hemline just because the mercury rises – unprofessional and uncomfortable.

#5 – Stay cool, but be smart about it. Exercise your right to bare arms. Let Jackie O and Mrs. O (that would be Mrs. Obama) be your inspiration: chic, timeless and perfect day or night. Never wear a strapless dress, show cleavage or a bare back unless it’s layered under a jacket.

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