Things No Longer Made In America List

Things No Longer Made In America – Most people argue that America needs to bring their jobs back home, as industry leaders argue, things that were made in this country are no longer here, even though corporations have been abandoning factories for years.

Americans were reminded that Fisher-Price is not made in America when a massive recall took place after Chinese factories were charged with using paint with lead to make toys. Owned by Mattel, Inc., Fisher-Price markets iconic American brands under its own name, including Sesame Street and Disney.

If you own anything Gap or from one of its other brands, like Banana Republic, you know that the tag reads Made in China, or other countries. But the San Francisco-based company had to apologize for manufacturing its charitable, anti-hunger FEED bags in China, though they were marketed as being made in the U.S.A.

Levi Strauss and Co was involved in a scandal in the early 1990s for manufacturing clothes in slave-like conditions in the Northern Mariana Islands, and in the U.S. by Chinese laborers who worked 12-hour shifts with poor living conditions. The company has cleaned up its act but still makes jeans overseas.

Believe it or not, the quintessential American baseball is not even made in the United States. In fact, it’s been made in Costa Rica for years. Until 1969, the balls were made in Puerto Rico, but production moved to Haiti that year for cheaper labor. Rawlings moved to Costa Rica in 1986 after Jean-Claude Duvalier’s rule in Haiti ended.

Radio Flyer wagons are still popular Christmas and birthday gifts for American kids, but in 2004, the company announced it would be laying off workers when it moved to China.

Partly founded by Thomas Edison in the 1890s, General Electric is now a global company that makes many products in China, but is now starting to move some production back to the U.S.

The Hershey Candy company is totally American, but in 2008, it moved some production to Monterey, Mexico.

Even so, many iconic American products aren’t even made in this country anymore and are assembled and produced by workers in sometimes questionable conditions in places like Taiwan and Indonesia.

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