Twinkies On Ebay Selling Like ‘Hot Cakes’ In Auctions

There are several Twinkies on eBay for sale as well as other brand products made by Hostess, after company CEO Gregory Rayburn announced it will go out of business.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to whether an extended nationwide strike,” Rayburn said in a statement.

“The industry has overcapacity. We’re overcapacity. Our rivals are overcapacity,” added Rayburn.

A “Twinkie the Kid” metal lunch box with Hostess Cakes cowboy mascot character sold for $690 on Friday after Rayburn made the announcement.

The bidding frenzy was clearly due to the announcement, prior to that the lunch box had zero bids for an entire week. The listing’s starting price was $14.99 and ended at $690 with 58 bids placed.

Bidders will still have a chance to bid on the item as other sellers have been listing their Twinkie the Kid lunch boxes. In addition, other Hostess-branded items are beginning to surface.

These items up for auction include a retail display box of Ding Dongs, a Hostess junk food apocalypse kit, a Hostess Twinkie adult Halloween costume, and even vintage display shelves.

At this rate, it will not take long for Hostess to unload what is left of their merchandise and food.

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