Unemployment Shrinks Among Lower Level Of Education

Unemployment numbers compared from January of this year and January of 2011 show that rates among those with a lower level of education, shrinks.

The numbers show among those who did not complete high school, the rate over the last year dropped 1.2% from 14.3% in January 2011 to 13.1% in January 2012.

At the same time those who have a high school diploma, the rate dropped 1% comparing a 9.4% rate in 2011 to a 2012 rate of 8.4%.

In addition the data showed that even know, those who received a bachelors degree haven’t seen a change in the unemployment rate, which held at 4.2%, those who have had “some college education” also saw a drop in the unemployment rate. For those with some education at a college level the rate went from 8.1% to 7.2%.

Since the 2008 economic downfall the number of applicants for unemployment, was also at it lowest, with it being reduced by 13,000 over the last year. Currently the unemployment rate as a whole sits at 8.3%, with the government saying that 243,000 jobs were created in the last year.

Statistics that came out at the end of January showed that the December 2011 unemployment rate was the highest in Nevada at 12.6%. Meanwhile at the same time North Dakota had the lowest at 3.3%.

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