White Castle Burgers And Wine On The Menu

White Castle Wine – Would you like some wine with that White Castle burger? The restaurant chain will be testing the market with Blaze BBQ in Indiana with alcohol beverages. It’s an idea that may conflict with different counties and their laws against drinking and driving, and that would be a problem for their drive-thru service.

White Castle will offer domestic beer starting at $3 and wine for $4.50. Jamie Richardson, a spokesman for Columbus-based company, said:

“This was something that customers had been suggesting, They thought that beer and wine might go nicely with the barbecue that was available at Blaze. We’re certain that we might have some customers who might enjoy some sliders and a beer or wine as well.”

The burger place has also been experimenting with other concept restaurant mash-ups such as a Asian food offering called the ‘Laughing Noodle in a White Castle in Ohio and sandwich shop idea in a Tennessee White Castle called “Deckers.”

The slider chain would not be the first thought try out an offering of alcohol in a fast food restaurant as Burger King recently opened the “Whopper Bar” in Miami and even Starbucks has tested the market in some sites by offering beer and wine.

“The companies see alcoholic beverages as a growth opportunity after years of flat sales,” said David Henkes, a vice president with the Chicago-based food research firm Technomic. “Alcohol is one of those things that is extremely profitable,” he said.

But it may not be as simple an idea to just start serving alcoholic beverages in all the markets if it initially does well in the test store. “White Castle would face challenges trying to roll out beer and wine on a wider scale,” Henkes said.

White Castle wine and beer still has a nice ring to it. It will be different since most people drink soda pop with their burgers and fries.

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