Will The Economy Collapse?

Why will the economy collapse? There’s been a lot of 2011 predictions in America of a hopeless economic future. Some financial experts say that the world, and the USA will fall and spread disaster when the time comes.

The truth is, the economic collapse in America has already happened. It happened in 2008 when the housing crises started, or as others say, then the “boom” ended. There are more than 14 million people feeling hopeless in this country because they can’t find a job.

The bailout bills and economic stimulus packages are not helping. The future collapse started after the federal reserve printed money based on nothing. They call this the greatest Depression.

Some of the noticeable signs of a collapse are the job numbers and the unemployment rate. There are vacant strip malls in various parts of the country as the commercial real-estate sector has fallen. Moreover, there’s a tax revolution going on that is called the Tea Party movement.

However, there is hope if we elect a new president in 2012 that has a focus on jobs and the economy. We don’t need a leadership that is more concerned about social healthcare than lowering the unemployment rate. America will likely shift Republican, as it did during any other financial crises, including after the Jimmy Carter days when Ronald Reagan took office in 1980.

Did you think that a total collapse of the economy meant food wars? It doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. It won’t be the last time we see a recession.