World’s Best Retirement Spots List

The world’s best retirement spots can be anywhere that can offer a cheap standard of living with bargain destinations that anyone can afford. Let’s not forget that it should be paradise with plenty of things to do. Some people prefer the countryside while others want to stay busy near the cities.

Many retirees have looked outside the US in places like Mexico, the Caribbean islands, and Europe because of culture and inexpensive housing.

Believe it or not, you’ll find the best retirement spots right here in the good USA. That’s because of declining home values and how they can create bargains for people ready to move to Florida or Portland. Retirees may now be able to afford homes in places they were priced out of only a year ago.

Housing prices are declining fastest in Portland, Oregon (-92 percent), Tallahassee, Florida (-91 percent), and Tucson, Arizona (-88 percent). These cities also offer plenty of affordable entertainment options for retired seniors. Free things to do in Portland include hiking in the nearly 5,000-acre Forest Park and strolling among the 7,000 rose bushes at the International Rose Test Garden.

Retirement in Tallahassee can involve stargaze at the Challenger Learning Center Planetarium, explore the 68,000-acre St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, or visit the reconstructed Spanish colonial Mission San Luis, all for $5 or less.

“There’s a nice focus on cultural things and the standard of living is very high,” says Charlton Prather, 82, a retired physician and former director of the Florida state health department about Tallahassee. You don’t have to look outside the USA to find the best bargains. Retirement inside your own country is a great destination.