Yahoo Implements Google Ad Deal

Yahoo Inc is set to begin a new advertising program with Google Inc in October. The deal allows Yahoo to run Google ads alongside its Internet Web search results.

Google believes that rival Microsoft is behind a growing plan to derail the project.

“We are quite certain that Microsoft is busy helping everyone get upset about these things,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in a statement.

There are antitrust issues raised by rivals and industry trade groups to government regulators who have expressed their concerns.

However, Schmidt said U.S. government regulators are doing their “proper job” in investigating his company’s contract with Yahoo. He added that Google has answered questions raised by regulators but did not know how they would respond.

Google believes it does not need to receive specific government approval to go ahead with its contract to supply advertising to run alongside a portion of Yahoo’s Web search results.

Yahoo is ready to run the Google ads as planned in October.