YouTube Original Online Content For Smartphone, Tablet

YouTube is wanting to use $100 million dollars in ‘seed’ money, that they put aside last year, to get Hollywood producers to create original content for at least 24 hours a day to be viewed exclusively on the video-sharing website.

They believe that there is a market to tap of a new generation of YouTube viewers that opt for watching content on their smartphones, tablets and computers, rather than the TV.

They are hoping to create 96 brand new channels, which is basically the homepage for any fresh content produced, if someone likes it, they can subscribe and then be alerted when more new material is available for viewing.

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of “CSI” for CBS, believes YouTube has the right idea as his own three sons view most of the content they watch on their phones.

“We want to jointly take the risk with YouTube and roll the dice on the future,” Zuiker says. “The old regime is going to falter because everybody thinks the TV is the only device that really counts, and that’s just not the case.”

Another attraction for a producer to work with YouTube, is the fact they can create something that would be free of a studio’s influence or ordered changes, they only need to follow a few simple guidelines.

Though some channels have already launched YouTube and hope to have the rest up and running by the Summer.

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