10 Worst Movies Ever At The Box Office

The 10 worst movies at the box office ever. Some movies are so bad that the audience will walk out during the first 30 minute. We have compiled a list of those films that many people wasted their money to watch.

Over Her Dead Body – The general plot is that Eva Longoria gets killed by an ice-sculpture on her wedding day, then comes back and haunts her husband’s new girlfriend. In the end, her betrothed marries the living woman and Eva goes back to heaven, griping all the way. Sean Axmaker, a reviewer from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said, “… It’s as flat as day-old soda, a comedy completely lacking in bubbles or fizz.”

The Hottie and the Nottie – This is a sad attempt at filmmaking. It was evident from the moment the hottie protagonist falls for the nottie. As of April 2008, the film is ranked as the thirteenth worst movie of all time in IMDb’s Bottom 100 list–it scored 1.6 points out of a possible 10.

Gigli – By combining the mighty star powers of JLo and Ben Affleck, producers were certain they had a sure-fire hit. Ultimately, they created the world’s worst miss. Gigli received a rating of below 0 stars. It was the only movie in history to receive such a low score.

The remaining films on the list:

– From Justin to Kelly

– Glitter

– Dude, Where’s the Party?

– Freddy Got Fingered

– Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

– Norbit

– Son of the Mask

That concludes the top 10 list. All of these movies didn’t last long at the box office. They are some of the worst films ever made.