Aaron Sorkin Fires Newsroom Staff For HBO Season 2

Aaron Sorkin has fired almost everyone of The Newsroom’s writing staff, citing “cleaning house for season 2,” but it comes as a shock and the decision is facing criticism.

“Every year each show reassesses the needs of its writing staffs,” HBO said in a statement. “This process is nothing out of the ordinary.”

In other words, the network is telling viewers that the “The Newsroom” firings are not newsworthy. As a critique of the media by a writer as esteemed as Sorkin, however, HBO has to know that what’s going on behind the scenes is going to draw heavy media interest. Sorkin has also recently been defending the show against critics.

So far, the show has performed fair in the ratings, averaging around 2 million viewers for its premiere episodes.

It is unclear how many writers were fired, but The Daily surmised it’s less than 10.

While HBO has downplayed the news, no word yet on whether or not Sorkin will similarly dismiss the show’s cast.

Reportedly, the only surviving writer is Corrine Kinsbury, who also happens to be Sorkin’s ex-girlfriend.

In November, Sorkin was presented with Steve Jobs’ biopic. The Oscar-winning screenwriter of “The Social Network” has set his sights on the Apple co-founder’s life.

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