Abigail Breslin Talks First Kiss In ‘New Year’s Eve’ Film (Video!)

Abigail Breslin First Kiss – Abigail Breslin may be one of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated for an Oscar, but it is also the first time she had to kiss someone on-camera. In Garry Marshall’s new romantic comedy, it is a big part of the story.

The final night of the year, New Year’s Eve, often centers around the magical moment when the clock strikes midnight. The Hollywood Reporter asked Breslin, 15, about the kiss, and the actress couldn’t stop laughing.

“It was very professional. There were a lot of breath mints on set,” said Breslin. Marshall also said that the film “exceeded its budget on breath mints.”

Breslin’s character is a 15-year-old girl who wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her friends and a certain boy she has her eye on (played by Wizards of Waverly Place star Jake T. Austin), but her mother (Sarah Jessica Parker) doesn’t want her daughter out of her sight.

Breslin told THR that she loved working with Parker, and that the two fashionable women spent most of their time talking about their favorite reality competition.

“We mostly talked about American Idol,” Breslin said. “We kind of ended up going in and talking about that every day at work.” Breslin added that he favorite former Idol is Kelly Clarkson, who won the very first season of the show.

New Year’s Eve, which follows the lives of a handful of New Yorkers on the last hours of the year, opens in theaters of Friday, Dec. 9.

Here’s a video from The Hollywood Reporter on Breslin talking about the kiss.