Adam Lambert Gets Arrested In Finland For Bar Fight

Adam Lambert Arrested – After getting into a fight with his boyfriend in a Finland gay bar, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was arrested and spent some time in jail on Thursday in the foreign country.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the news of Lambert’s arrest after the argument with Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen.

Officer Petri Juvonen told the Reporter that the two were arrested around 4am after a disturbance outside the the “DTM” bar which stands for “Don’t Tell Moma.” The continued and argument in the street outside after being kicked out of the establishment for fighting.

After being held for a few hours and answering some questions the two were released later that afternoon. There was an investigation into four possible assault offenses.

Koskinen is nest known in the country for winning Finland’s version of the reality show “Big Brother.” Also involved but not arrested was Finnish beauty queen Sofia Ruusila who was at the bar celebrating with them. When they started arguing she tried to step in to break it up but was unsuccessful. It was reported during the altercation Ruusila was accidentally hit by Lambert when she tried to step between them.

It’s the first time that Adam Lambert has been arrested overseas. Since completing American Idol he has only released one album and is recording one now to be released in March 2012.

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