Adam Lambert Joins Queen For Concert

Adam Lambert, Former American Idol contestant, will be the lead singer for the rock band ‘Queen’ at a concert in England this summer.

Adam Lambert, himself tweeted the news on Monday, “I can finally confirm: I have been invited by Queen to sing one very special concert!”

He also apologized to fans about keeping the secret and not leaking details earlier. “Sorry to be coy about the details the past few weeks, but I made a promise to keep it under wraps as best I could. Gonna be a surreal night!,” Lambert added.

The concert will be taking place at the same location, Knebworth Park, in which former lead singer the late Freddie Mercury last performed with the band in 1986.

It would not be the first-time Lambert has performed as lead for the band. In 2009 he sang ‘We Are The Champions” with the band during the ‘Idol’ finale, and then again at the MTV Europe Awards in 2011.

In a press release announcing the upcoming concert, guitarist Brian May said, “Judging by my incoming mail, this decision will make a lot of people very happy. It’s a worthy challenge for us, and I’m sure Adam would meet with Freddie’s approval! And what better place to revisit, and walk those emotional paths than Knebworth? It will be a rush.”

The concert is scheduled for July 7th.

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