Adam Sandler Sweeps Razzies – Was This Fair?

Actor Adam Sandler has swept the Razzies with his film “Jack and Jill” and he set a record for every category. Unlike the Academy awards that hand out awards for the greatest achievements in motion pictures for a calendar year, these awards are given for the worst in films. In the movie that received the ‘Worst Picture,’ the actor plays duel roles as a family man and his annoying twin sister.

For playing both roles, Adam Sandler was awarded the Razzies for “Worst Actor,” “Worst Actress,” and “Worst Screen Couple.”

“He didn’t play triplets, but he couldn’t have won more awards if he had,” said Razzies founder John Wilson.

The movie was also awarded a Razzie for “Worst Ensemble,” and “Worst Screenplay.” “Worst Supporting Actor” went to AL Pacino for playing himself in the movie while David Spade picked up the “Worst Supporting Actress” award for also playing a women. “Worst Director” was given too Dennis Dugan for his work on the film. The film was also given a special award for “Worst Remake or Ripoff” as the voters believed the movie resembled “Glen or Glenda” that starred Ed Wood playing both male and female roles.

“Adam Sandler has a pretty much basic attitude of, ‘No matter how dumb I make it, my fans are going to pay to see it,”‘ Wilson said. “I guess it’s more about the complete lack of any genuine effort or concern or pride. An attitude of this is good enough, but when you consider what they’re charging for movie tickets today, it wasn’t good enough.

Wilson added, “It was good enough to get our attention. If you work with the attitude that you’re just going to be good enough, then you’re probably good enough for the Razzies.”

Attention Sandler fans: Do you agree?

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