Adele Fans Fear She Has Throat Cancer

Adele Throat Cancer – Adele fans are fearing that she may have throat cancer.

Since canceling her US tour dates earlier in October, the 23-year-old singer’s six remaining appearances in the UK have also been canceled. This is prompting suspicions around the Internet that the unspecified illness may actually be throat cancer.

“I’m heartbroken and worried to tell you that yet again I’m experiencing problems with my voice,” she most recently posted on her website blog.

Her official website indicated the cancellations were due to “illness.”

“Adele will be undergoing throat surgery to alleviate problems,” an official statement said.

A deluge of emotion has spread through Twitter, and users trending pray for the singer are perpetuating – and challenging – the rumor that she is suffering from the deadly disease.

“I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever,” the soulful singer said.

But as the London born star rests her voice and her management continues to remain mum on her illness – the silence has increasingly been filled with tweets that her worsening condition is cancer. The health issues popped up in January and subsequently led her to nix a few shows in September due to a chest infection. However, the young singer had seemed to bounce back quickly.

“Thank god…I’m well,” Adele told a London audience. “I’ve been ill as a dog.”

Whether or not the star has throat cancer, surgery on the vocal cords is a delicate operation and may require rest for up to one year for a full recovery, according to experts.

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