Alec Baldwin Mayor NYC 2013 Campaign Run

Alec Baldwin may be serious with a possible campaign run for New York City mayor, according to an interview with his little brother Billy with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

The “30 Rock” star’s on-and-off political aspirations could actually be “very real.”

“I think on one level it’s very real. I think he’s very committed and extremely bright and knowledgeable and I think he could do it and he could run,” Billy Baldwin said. “On the other hand, I’m not quite sure if he’s cut from the proper cloth because it requires a lot of tolerance and a lot of patience and …”

However, Alec recently told The New York Times that he wants to finish some loose ends with his television show and learn more about the job before he runs for office.

The 53-year-old actor said he’s talking with two top universities about enrolling in a master’s program in politics and government, so he can better understand what the “fiscal imperatives” of the mayor’s job are. He told the paper that he plans to enroll in school in the fall of 2012.

Baldwin added that running in 2013 also is impossible because he’s obligated to complete the current season of “30 Rock,” which wraps up in April, and to appear in future episodes of the Emmy-winning series.

The actor said he plans to establish a permanent city residence before running. His legal residence is Amagansett, Long Island. He has owned a Manhattan apartment for two decades.

Baldwin isn’t the only star eyeing the mayor job. Recently, Kelsey Grammer, a longtime conservative Republican, said in an interview that he’s considering running for office in New York City.

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