Ali Landry Baby Marcelo Alejandro

Ali Landry Baby – The 38-year-old gave birth to a boy named Marcelo Alejandro last Saturday. Little Marcelo joins daughter Estela.

The model and actress admitted that this pregnancy was more difficult than her first.

“I was definitely more nauseous the first few months and I gained a little more weight,” Landry told SheKnows’ Whitney English.

Why? Landry is convinced it’s because of her diet. “All I would eat is carbs,” Landry said of her first pregnancy. “I was having a sandwich everyday and eating rice.”

“Now I’m back to my normal eating habits and it’s starting to come off,” said Landry.

How did she keep active this time?

“I train with Selma Blair three to four times a week, and we do a pregnancy workout that we love,” Landry said.

The former Doritos girl also admitted that she wanted a girl.

“It would be easy with a girl so I could give her Estela’s hand-me-downs,” said Landry. Looks like someone gets to go shopping!