Alicia Keys And World AIDS Day Documentary

Alicia Keys Documentary – Alicia Keys’ “Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys” documentary aired on Thursday in honor of World AIDS Day.

The day, observed every December 1st since 1995 officially, was dedicated to uniting in the fight against HIV, is a fitting one for the Showtime documentary’s debut.

The documentary followed Alicia Keys and five young adults as they visited the Keep a Child Alive funded sites in South Africa.

“I want people to feel like you can do something about this (epidemic), and that you understand it because you find a place inside yourself that connects to the love of another human being,” Keys told CNN.

Applicants were chosen to accompany Keys to South Africa after texting the word that best described their feelings about Africa. Of the 24,000 people who applied five were selected thanks to the words heartbeat, resilient, ubuntu, strength and conviction.

Keys said the young adults who made the journey with her, many of whom had never ventured outside America, felt empowered after meeting with some of the 16.6 million children have lost their parents to AIDS.

“A lot of times we feel like things going on in the word are so big and so massive and untouchable, and think, ‘What can we do, and how can we do anything.’ I think that when we see it from human to human … you will feel empowered and angered,” Keys said.