Aly Raisman Drug Test: Anti-Doping Agent Drops In

Aly Raisman was a bit surprised when she was ordered to take a drug test during her interview with “Access Hollywood Live” on Thursday. An official from the World Anti-Doping Agency had shown up unannounced.

The gold medal-winning gymnast was caught off guard as she sat down at the studio.

Raisman told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover that the tests are done at random, but she questioned the timing of this particular drop-in.

“They haven’t [tested me] since the Olympics, and they choose the finale week of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to come,” she said, according to the show’s website. “Out of all the days since the Olympics, they choose like, the craziest week.”

Raisman, however, said she has nothing to hide. She told Bush and Hoover that she likely would receive the results in four to six weeks — and that she doesn’t expect to find any surprises.

“I’m clean,” Raisman told the hosts. “So I don’t have anything to worry about.”

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