Amber Portwood Jail Drama Documented For Season Finale

Self-proclaimed party girl Amber Portwood just began her five-year jail sentence, and she is already causing drama that’s being documented. She is serving time because she refuses to complete a drug rehabilitation program.

Portwood asked the judge to revoke her plea deal.

The final season of ‘Teen Mom,’ will premiere on June 12, and all of Amber’s lawful problems are being documented for the program. Reportedly, the first episode will include her talking with her cousin Crystal about her legal problems. During the filming it seemed as though her charges were going to be far worse than they ended up being.

“So, I plead guilty to first and third degree of domestic battery, two class A felonies, and they took off the neglect of a child,” Amber says in an MTV sneak peek. “My plea is two years probation and 30-60 days in rehab for anger control, substance abuse, and mental health,” added Amber.

When filming her life plans were optimistic, however, as we all know that is no longer reality. Amber stated at the time, “When I get back from rehab, I’m gonna try to get this new contact order dropped. Me, him, and Leah can hopefully be together as a family. I just want to get this all done.”

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