Amy Adams Happy With The Muppets Movie

Amy Adams Muppets – Amy Adams has been opening up about her role in ‘The Muppets’ movie. It opened on Nov. 23 and it appears she couldn’t be happier for the chance to take on her role.

“I had ‘The Muppet Movie’ in rotation constantly in my childhood and every road trip, even as a teenager and even into adulthood, I would play ‘Movin’ Right Along’ and so it’s definitely just a part of who I am,” she told KABC-TV.

Adam’s plays the girlfriend of Jason Segel’s character Gary, After Gary and his brother Walter discover that oil tycoon Tex Richman wants to tear down the Muppet Theatre to drill for oil, so they travel to Los Angeles to save the landmark of their beloved muppets but first they have to find all of the muppets who have become separated from one another over the years.

Speaking about the movie’s actual production, Amy told The National Post, “I have a whole new respect for the puppeteers. I did not know it was so technical, so complicated and so specific.”

For her next role, Adams can be seen alongside Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley in On The Road which will be released at theaters in 2012.

The Muppets movie managed to rake in $40 million this weekends opening showtimes, not bad for a movie with a reported budget of just $45 million.