Anastasia Vitkina Identified As Jim Carrey’s New Lover (PHOTO)

Anastasia Vitkina And Jim Carrey – Anastasia Vitkina, a Russian student in New York, is dating Jim Carrey. There is little we know about her, but she’s been getting quite serious with the actor in recent weeks. Sources from the New York Post have confirmed that the two are an item.

The last time Carrey fell in love was his online video message to Emma Stone, which most people thought was a bit creepy. However, it was funny, although we don’t know if it was a hoax or not. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with someone else.

Vitkina has been a mystery woman for a couple of weeks. There’s not a lot we know about her and insiders wouldn’t admit to anything until recently. Also, we never saw them holding hands until this week.

Jim and Anastasia were startled last week when a photographer snapped the first photo of the two having a romantic moment. Once the picture was taken, they quickly ran for it like two teenagers getting caught by their parents. The photographer allowed them to go in peace without snapping more photos, which was very polite, and something that would never happen in Los Angeles.

Believe it or not, Vitkina was the girlfriend of one of Carrey’s friends, and we’re not sure if they broke up before Jim moved in. Anastasia was seen with the actor dining at Perry St. and again when they attended a Guns N’ Roses concert.

This is the first time that we’ve seen Carrey with someone else this serious since his long-term relationship with Jenny McCarthy. They were together for five years, which ended in April 2010. In fact, they made the announcement that they broke up on Twitter, which is a tool being used by other celebrities to announce divorces or breakups.

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