Anderson Cooper Says Dyngus Day Laughter Was A Fit

CNN’s Anderson Cooper got more than he bargained for when he couldn’t stop laughing during a segment on Dyngus Day. He says he was calling his giggling fit “stupid” – not the holiday itself. He tweeted Wednesday that he’s sorry if he offended anyone.

Dyngus Day is a Polish-American, day-after-Easter tradition celebrating the end of Lent. It features people playfully sprinkling each other with water and swatting one another with pussy willows to show their amorous interest.

Cooper laughed through a report Tuesday on Dyngus Day. It was part of the “RidicuList” segment on “Anderson Cooper 360.” Through his protracted fit of laughter, Cooper said, “It’s so stupid, really so stupid.”

The segment prompted organizers of Dyngus Day celebrations in Buffalo, N.Y., to invite Cooper to attend.

According to the Buffalo event’s website, the holiday’s name can be traced to a similar Medieval word meaning worthy, proper or suitable.

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