​Andy Dick Faces Intervention By Alki David

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 20, 2014

Andy Dick checked into the Oasis Treatment Center in California on Tuesday after his boss, Alki David, and concerned friends staged an intervention during filming for his Internet TV show “Andy Dick Live!”

Dick, 46, has struggled with drug and alcohol addictions for years, and was confronted by David about his problems during one recent episode and then gave him an ultimatum: conquer his troubles in rehab once and for all or quit the show.

“I told you the other day, if this continues, we can’t carry on. And if you decide to leave and not do that (check into rehab), I’m afraid that we can’t carry on here together,” David told the embattled comic.

The comedian was moved to tears by the intervention and hugged the cast and crew after admitting he had been through “ups and downs.”

He was then escorted to the medical facility in Anaheim, where he enrolled in a treatment program, reports Celebuzz.com.

It is his latest desperate attempt for sobriety — he has been in and out of rehab more than 10 times and has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late following numerous arrests and lawsuits.

Dick was ejected from an adult entertainment awards ceremony in Las Vegas last year after allegedly pestering a porn star, while he was also accused of flashing his genitals in a Los Angeles coffee shop in 2010 and arrested for reportedly wandering into a random house in Los Angeles in the middle of the night.

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