Angelina Jolie Proves Her Appeal At Oscars

Angelina Jolie went out on a limb during last night’s Oscars, literally, and it was a rather shapely one at that.

The actress has never been one to lack attention, and that was never more apparent than during last night’s Oscars, when the distracting and ostentatiously Angelina Jolie to overshadow the entire telecast with more than just a bare leg.

And when you take into account that the night included a maybe wardrobe malfunction from Jennifer Lopez, blackface from Billy Crystal and an “ash”-dumping on our own Ryan Seacrest, that’s some feet feat.

It was just mere moments into the wake of her leggy Academy Award appearance, in which she struck an ever so slightly preposterous stance while handing out the Best Adapted Screenplay honors, that the inspired Twitter feed–which now boasts 12,000 followers and counting–was launched.

It wasn’t long before the actress’ leg branched out into other mediums, resulting in the launch of an inevitable Twitter feed, the rather aptly named Jolie’s Leg.

“Look at me!” it proclaimed. “I’m right here! Look at meeee!! Don’t forget about me!”

No chance of that happening, particularly as the winners of the screenplay award wasted no time in parodying Jolie’s unusual pose.

As The Descendants’ Alexander Payne spoke, cowriters Jim Rash and Nat Faxon mirrored Jolie’s come-hither stance, but once backstage said that their tribute was a “loving” one.

“I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs,” Rash said. “And I wanted to show everyone what it meant. It was a loving tribute.”

Jolie was seen shopping in Beverly Hills Monday and wore long legged pants from hip to ankle.

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