Angelina Jolie Syria: Jolie Working On New Documentary

Angelina Jolie speaks from Syria in Jordan to document their stories in a new video she’s been working on for years. The Hollywood actress became a special envoy for the United Nations last year.

She stepped out with partner Brad Pitt and away from writing opinion pieces and spurring debate about breast cancer or promoting her latest movie.

Now, she’s is hoping to turn that spotlight onto Syria’s refugee crisis.

This week, Jolie — a special envoy for the U.N.’s refugee agency — traveled to the world’s second-largest refugee camp, where she spoke to Syrian refugees and documented their stories in a video for CNN.

Nearly 1.7 million Syrians have fled the country’s brutal civil war, many living in densely crowded refugee camps in Syria’s neighboring countries. Jordan’s Za’atri refugee camp, which Jolie visited to mark Thursday’s World Refugee Day, was built to house 20,000 refugees but now has more than 120,000.

Their stories of survival and loss are harrowing. Some refugees say they are marrying off their young daughters to protect them from rapists in the camps.

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