​Angelina Jolie Goes to Lunch With Twins (Photos)​​

November 26, 2021

Angelina Jolie and twins Knox and Vivienne are spending some quality time this week in Sydney, Australia. Jolie was giggling and cuddling with her children while walking the streets and during their meal at a local restaurant.

Angelina Jolie walking with Knox and Vivienne in Australia

The Oscar winner displayed her slender frame in a simple blacktop and skirt that reached her calves paired with black ballet flats.

The Angelina twins story got tons of attention and mentioned that the 38-year-old mother pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail and appeared to be wearing no make-up, shielding her eyes with aviator shades. The mother-of-six was once the face of Louis Vuitton, and carried one of the designer’s signature handbags over her shoulder. She was seen sitting near the open door of a restaurant laughing as she put her arms around both twins.

Vivienne appeared to be reveling in her mother’s attention, and sported a huge smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around Angelina’s neck.

Knox, meanwhile, happily sat with his head against the actress’ chest while the trio sat together at the table.

Angelina was seen giving Knox a sip of her soda, a popular Australian lemon-flavoured drink called Solo.

The doting mother then clasped the twins’ hands tightly as they made their way out of the restaurant. As always, Angelina was surrounded by curious onlookers eager to catch a peek of the superstar.

The family were seen stopping by a toy store prior to their lunch, with Vivienne emerging carrying a doll.Vivienne looked like a miniature version of her mother, even adding a movie star touch with a pair of quirky sunglasses.Knox - who is looking more and more like his father Brad Pitt by the day - appeared to leave the toy shop empty-handed.

Angelina is hard at work directing her new film Unbroken. Based on the biography by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken tells the story of World War II aviator Louis Zamperini, a former Olympian who spent 47-days marooned on raft after his plane crashed into the Pacific.

In a turn of events, he was discovered by the Japanese and sent to a POW camp, where he spent the next two-and-a-half years.

The film has been slated for a December 2014 release.

It seems that the Angelina twins are spending a lot of time with their mother at work too as they travel the world.