Anna Nicole Smith Owes Back Taxes, IRS Files Claim Against Estate

Even though she died unexpectedly in 2007, the IRS still wants nearly $300,000 in ‘back taxes’ that they say Anna Nicole Smith still owes them. The IRS has filed a creditor’s claim against her estate for the unpaid taxes that actually total $289,123.48.

Apparently, Smith owed the taxes starting back in 2000 when the IRS started to place liens against Smiths property for the unpaid obligation.

According to court documents, it reads; “No part of said debt has been paid, and the same is now due and payable in the office of the District Director of Internal Revenue…Said debt has priority must be paid in full advance of distribution to creditors as and to the extent provided by laws.”

Smith was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in her room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida on February 8th of 2007, just 5 months after her 20-year-old son’s death, which after a second autopsy revealed he also died of a drug overdose while visiting Smith in a Bahama’s Hospital.

At Daniel Smith’s funeral a very distraught Anna Nicole had ordered her sons coffin to be opened after which she tried to climb into with him, saying that if he had to be buried, she was going with him.

Smith’s estate was left to her, at the time, less then one-year-old daughter, Danielynn, with the father, Larry Birkhead the acting executor till she was of age. Money generated from Smith’s estate is to go to the raising of Danielynn in the meantime.

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