Anne Hathaway, Gay Brother Haircut In ‘Les Miserables’ Movie

Anne Hathaway says in a recent interview that her “Les Miserables” look and haircut made her look like her gay brother, Michael, after shaving off her long brunette locks.

Hathaway plays the disease-stricken Fantine in the Broadway show turned movie and had to transform her look for the part. Aside from losing a dangerous amount of weight, Hathaway shaved her formerly long brunette hair into a choppy buzz cut.

At this past Friday’s screening of the film, the 30-year-old Hathaway told The Hollywood Reporter, “When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother.”

In the December issue of Vogue, Anne reveals how she had to lose 25 pounds off her already thin figure to look deathly.

“I had to be obsessive about it — the idea was to look near death,” she says. “Looking back on the whole experience — and I don’t judge it in any way — it was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who Fantine is anyway.”

She revealed that in order to lose the last 15 pounds she had to be on a diet of two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day.

People magazine named her one of its breakthrough stars of 2001, and she appeared on its list of the world’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2006. In 2010, she was named one of the sexiest stars of 2010 by Entertainment Weekly.

“Les Miserables” is scheduled to be released on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 in the United States.

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