Apollo 18 Unveils Secret Moon Missions

The movie Apollo 18 has critics calling it a cheesy project that NASA ran a top-secret mission to the moon for important alien research and kept it away from the public.

Launched in 1972, Apollo 17 was NASA’s final mission to the moon. So the concept of “Apollo 18” is that authentic raw footage was mysteriously uploaded to a confidential website depicting the trials and tribulations of a top-secret subsequent Apollo mission.

Landing on the lunar surface, two astronauts are immediately vexed by communication difficulties. Something is out there, manifested by a lunar rock that seems to move on its own volition. And if a moving rock doesn’t terrify you, just wait — there’s more!

On their second day outside the module, the astronauts find footprints leading to a Russian LK Proton Lander. However, if the Russians beat us to the moon, they paid dearly for it, as a dead Cosmonaut is found on the deep dark bottom of a crater.

Without giving too much away, the crew will soon find themselves in a heap of trouble that makes “Apollo 13” look like a walk in the stars. Of course, that was a real flight fraught with real problems. Mission 18, despite its convincingly distressed footage and suspenseful approach, is never believable, its veneer of authenticity shattered by poorly scripted scenes that leave the audience one step ahead of the action.