Arnold Schwarzenegger Begins Filming In Terminator 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he will reprise his iconic role as the futuristic cyborg the Terminator for installment 5 of the science fiction franchise.

The former governor, who turns 66 in July, announced on Thursday in Australia at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit that filming for Terminator 5 will begin in January 2014 with Paramount Pictures.

“I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January,” he said.

The announcement puts rumours to rest that Arnold would be playing a human in the latest installment.

The former body-building champion has been slowly rebuilding his acting career after retiring almost a decade ago to pursue a life in politics.

Following a stint as governor of California, Arnold seems primed and ready to tackle some of his most famous onscreen roles.

In 1984, he made his star-making turn as the titular Terminator and was initially a bad guy.

He returned as the cyborg in 1991 opposite Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton, but this time as a robot with a heart of gold.

He came back once more in 2003 for the third film in the series The Rise Of The Machines, but Arnold was absent for the fourth installment of Terminator Salvation.

Of the 2009 film, he told that the movie was awful, saying: “It tried hard, not that they didn’t try, the acting and everything. It missed the boat.”

And audiences appear to have agreed with the action-hero.

Terminator Salvation grossed $125 million in the U.S., whereas 1991’s Judgment Day earned $519 million worldwide ($204 million U.S.), with all three of his Terminator movies grossing more than $1billion – making Arnold’s involvement in the franchise apparently indispensable.

When asked which of his previous characters ranks as his favorite, Schwarzenegger told “Well, I don’t think there is one
character [I can choose from] even with all my other movies.”

“I can’t say the Terminator character is more than this character or the Conan character I like less than the Terminator character or something like that,” adding, “They are all great characters. Like I said, I was very fortunate to be able to play those kinds of characters who have an international appeal. To me, that’s the most important thing.”

While Arnold might be in prime condition to reunite the Terminator series, there is another change in the lineup.

Writer and director James Cameron, who was behind the first three Terminators, will not be attached to the film.

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