Ashley Biden Gets Engaged To Dr. Krein

Ashley Biden Is Engaged – There’s no doubt that her dad, America’s Vice President Joe Biden, is happy his daugher is getting married. Not only is she getting hitched, but she’s tying the knot to a doctor, physician Howard Krein.

Dr. Krein is reportedly specializes in Otalaryngology and Facial and Reconstructive Surgery.

“Their entire family is thrilled,” reads a statement that came straight from the Vice President’s office.

Ashley Biden is a social worker based in Philadelphia, and has been seeing her physician fiance for more than one year. Ashley is the sole child of Dr. and Joe Biden, and was actually asked for her hand in marriage by Dr. Krein last month, although the news is just getting around.

And now that this information is out, speculation beomes what will the Biden bride be wearing to her wedding?

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