Ashley Dupre 7-Months Pregnant and Already Engaged

Ashley Dupre, best known as former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal, is seven months pregnant and is already engaged to Thomas Earle and has been helping her with a new lingerie business under the name Femme.

Dupre, who used to write a syndicated sex advice column, tried to keep her pregnancy and engagement a secret after Earle divorced his wife and started dating the former call girl in 2008.

Much has changed for the New Jersey native, 27, who, aside from her romantic news, is doing quite well with her lingerie and swimwear store in Redbank. She originally went into business last May, but rumours have been circulating after her customers noticed a large diamond ring on her finger. In addition, her swollen tummy was difficult to hide and the baby’s gender is being kept a secret.

Asked about her pregnancy, she told the New York Post, “So far so good!”

Earle was still married to wife Alisa when he started his affair. He also has two children with his ex-wife. When their steamy affair was exposed later, the Earle Companies executive publicly apologized to his wife calling his actions a “grave mistake.”

Dupre meanwhile, went on to make a name for herself, this time as a New York Post agony aunt, fielding questions from readers on sex and relationships and being commended by many for her bravery in speaking out about her experience.

“I’m proud to say that Ask Ashley has been a greater success then I ever thought,” she wrote in her final piece for her advice column, to which she contributed for two and half years, “Not a financial one, but rather a success in letting people see that I’m more than just the girl in the headlines from 2008,” Dupre added.

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