Ashley Tisdale Breaks Up With Boyfriend Scott Speer

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale has broken up with her boyfriend Scott Speer just before the Christmas holidays, a source told Us Weekly. The couple started dating in 2009 and things have been fine for the most part until recently.

A source said the couple decided to take some time off from the relationship for a while, but Ashley wants it to be a permanent break from Scott.

“They tried to work it out but realized their relationship ran its course,” the source said.

Speer is a music video director with plans to film five music videos for Tisdale, but those plans have vanished. It looks like something has upset the singer based on her Twitter account:

“What goes around comes back around,” Ashley wrote over the weekend.

Then she followed up the next day when she wrote “rocking out” to Nicole Scherzinger’s “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”

The song Ashley Tisdale was referring to contains lyrics such as; “You can’t touch me now there’s no feeling left/ If you think I’m coming back don’t hold your breath/ What you did to me boy I can’t forget/ If you think I’m coming back don’t hold your breath.”