Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Emotional Berg Reunion Sparks Rumors

Actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Demi Moore had an emotional reunion at a Kabbalah gathering to celebrate Rabbi Yehuda Berg’s 40th birthday party, but now there are rumors of reconciliation, which are doubtful.

The faces of Kutcher and Moore may be filling our supermarket magazine racks again before we know it, the Sunday Mirror reports. The former May-December Hollywood couple recently embraced for an intense 60 seconds at a party for the rabbi, who had officiated their marriage. She stared at him “like a love-suck puppy,” a source says, before he gave a speech with deep undertones: “I’ve made all these horrendous mistakes in the last year,” he said.

“Ashton’s voice started to break as he spoke,” says the source. “He just fell into tears. He sat down to a round of applause while Demi just looked ¬≠frozen.” But this wasn’t their only recent meeting, reports Radar, which has its own unnamed source: “Whether it be to divorce, or if there is a journey to travel together … they both feel it’s important to have spiritual guidance accomplish it,” the source says. “Everything is to play at this stage.”

Remember, these two broke up because of Kutcher’s infidelity and behavior. To make matters worse, the cheating occurred on the night of their anniversary. In addition, his credibility, not to mention his reputation, is on the decline.

Do you think Moore should find a new love and move on with her life, or do you think these two will get back together?

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