Ashton Kutcher Cheating and Demi Moore Divorce On Twitter

Ashton Kutcher denies cheating on Demi Moore and divorce seems eminent as they took their marriage to Twitter after their wedding anniversary.

It was the same month last year when Ashton and Demi denied cheating rumors that involved another woman named Brittney Jones. It was also around the time of their anniversary. It’s a marriage that’s been filled with rumors and gossip since their wedding day.

As Kutcher was partying at a club in San Diego, Moore sent two bizarre Twitter updates from New York City where she is promoting a new film, she directed for Lifetime Television.

Meanwhile, Leal hired a high-profile attorney in Los Angeles to sell her story to the media for $250,000, but she admits that recent offers came below the asking price.

She is promoting herself by asking the tabloids for $250,000 to sell her story on the Two and a Half Men actor is cheating and how divorce is possible, since she claims the two have been separated for many months.