Ashton Kutcher Three Women ‘Nightclub Party’ In Berlin

Ashton Three Women Berlin – It seems Kutcher is having a great time in Berlin this week after being spotted with three women after leaving a nightclub on Wednesday morning. Now that a divorce is already in the works from Demi Moore, he doesn’t have to hide that he’s an international bachelor. While it does seem a bit early for him just to forget about Demi and move on, perhaps this is his normal behavior that’s been hidden from the public.

Ashton said that he was in Germany for work and researching new tech platforms. But he does seem to be the type of person to mix pleasure with business because he’s been all over Berlin’s night scene. The paparazzi took many photographs and made the same reports that he’s acting like the world’s most eligible bachelor.

One woman who was having a glass of wine with Kutcher is a younger version of Moore. He was later seen being escorted to an apartment by a bodyguard with just the one same woman. She never came out of the apartment until the following day, according to reports.

Demi is not getting over the split as she still uses her twitter account under the name @mrskuthcher and snapped back when asked why.

“Changing my Twitter name isn’t a top priority right now. Sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do? Does it really matter?” she tweeted.

Another person who is not seemingly doing well while Ashton is hanging out with multiple women at a time, is Sara Leal, the girl that helped unveil the truth of what was going on, a true revelation for Moore to discover. Leal said she has lost her job over the rumors and her family has stopped speaking.

Ashton Kutcher is more flirtatious now since his split and he makes no secret about it in Berlin or being photographed with three women, as if he’s trying to get back at Moore or something, and many people find his recent behavior interesting.

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