Austin Powers Musical In The Works Starring Mike Myers

Austin Powers Musical – Austin Powers is getting ready for a new chapter for its franchise — a musical — and it’s already in the works, according to Mike Myers and Warner Bros.

Myers and the studio are currently in negotiations with director Casey Nicholaw to create the new theme.

The stage version of will be set to the music of Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello.

The ‘Austin Powers’ Musical will also be produced by former HBO president Colin Callender

While still trying to get a 4th installment in the movie line off the ground, Myers himself will not take on the stage role of Austin Powers but will be writing the story which will be a prequel to the original movie. All three films were also written by Myers.

Sources tell THR that the musical will be set in 1960s London and detail how Powers first acquired his mighty mojo.

Myers himself has stated in interviews that the idea for Austin Powers came to him one night while driving home from ice hockey practice. Hearing the song “The Look of Love” by Burt Bacharach on his car radio, he wondered “Where have all the swingers gone?”, and conceived his character who would become Austin Powers.

The first phrase he thought the character might say was “Do I make you horny?” which later did indeed become a catch phrase for the Austin Powers character.