Axl Rose Gets Robbed After Guns N’ Roses Concert in Paris

Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose was robbed of over $200,000 worth of jewelry after playing at a Paris, France concert , according to police.

A spokesman for the Paris police said that three diamond and gold necklaces were stolen while Rose attended a private gathering the day after a concert at Bercy stadium, and that he was not wearing the jewelry at the time of the robbery.

According to one report, the jewelry was left in a private lounge area that was said to be guarded by Rose’s own security when it went missing.

The following day an unidentified woman was arrested after walking into a police station with Roses lost jewelry, claiming she had attended the private gathering, but could not account for how she ended up leaving with the necklaces, according to an AFP report.

Police were said to have had to calm an infuriated Rose down after the robbery, were still investigating the incident and the involvement of the aspiring model that turned in the stolen property.

The band is next scheduled to perform in Moenchengladbach, Germany and then return to France for a series of concerts as well as in other European cities through the end of July.

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