Bachelorette Star Kasey Kahl Arrested In Fresno, CA At Club Habanos

Former Bachelorette star Kasey Kahl, who was dating The Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and public intoxication in Fresno, California at Club Habanos last weekend after witnesses called the police stating that he was acting very strange.

TMZ reported that a rep for the former The Bachelorette contestant stated that Kahl was “extremely respectful and very cooperative with the police officers despite the situation.”

According to the rep, Kahl and a couple friends were taken to the police station after law enforcement allegedly thought they were making too much noise outside of a club.

The rep went on to reveal that Kahl and his friends have since been released from police custody and that no charges have been filed against him.

Kahl’s mug shot, featuring the 27 year old beaming like an honor-roll student on picture day, was dubbed as the “prettiest mug shot [the police officers] ever [saw] come into their station.”

In the end of all of the chaos, they were all able to have a big laugh about the incident and everyone got off clean.

Kahl just finished taping the inaugural season of VH1’s upcoming “Relationship Rehab” with former girlfriend Vienna Girardi.

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