Basketball Wives: 3 Girls Fired, Shaunie O’Neal Totally Blindsided

Last week, 3 Basketball Wives get fired on the set, and the reality stars all thing that Shaunie O’Neal had everything to do with it, even though she claims she was totally blindsided.

Shaunie O’Neal, the former wife of Shaquille O’Neal, denies that she had anything to do with it. She is adamant that it’s not her fault that the cast members were axed and insists she learned the surprising casting news when everyone else did.

The fired stars are Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols.

Now here’s the thing, sources close to Shaunie, who also just happens to be an executive producer on the show (yeah, why is that?), say O’Neal was blindsided and that the production company left her in the dark.

O’Neal says she’s butted heads with higher-ups over the violent direction the show was headed (alcohol-consumed brawls, fights) and has been ostracized.

Moreover, Shaunie says in the wake of the firings, she’s willing to walk away from the popular series “if it becomes something she no longer believes in.”

But most people have a hard time containing their laughter at that last part.

It would seem as though most people would call her bluff on this one. In addition to her interview with Kevin her best friend Evelyn had told CNN Showbiz she did not know what the cast will look like for season 5 but “can guarantee it’s definitely going to be different.”

We can all agree that it will be different, but probably far more worse than good.

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