​Bears Drag Woman After Sifting Through Garbage

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April 14, 2021

Five bears drag a Florida woman from inside her garage, leaving her with scrapes and cuts to her face and legs. The incident happened when she walked into her open garage as the bears were sifting through her garbage cans.

She was able to escape from the animals to run back into her home, where her husband called 911. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Bears Rare Encounter

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Lt. Jeff Hudson said the woman had an “encounter with a black bear,” but could not confirm the reports of multiple bears being involved in the incident.

The Saturday night encounter came the same day Florida wildlife officials warned that black bears and their cubs have started moving around in search of food after winter. The agency urges residents to use bear-resistant trash cans to prevent incidents like Saturday night’s.

“Now is the time to expect bears to show up looking for food,” Dave Telesco, the head of the wildlife commission’s bear management program, said in Saturday’s advisory. “If they can’t find food in your neighborhood, they’ll move on.”

Woman Mauled

The woman is being treated for injuries to her face, legs and torso. She had to get 40 stitches to the head. She said as many as five bears “of various sizes” attacked her.

Terri Frana of Lake Mary, Fla., went to her garage Saturday evening to grab bicycles for her children to ride down to their neighbor’s house when the attack happened, according to her husband, Frank Frana.

As soon as the children left, Frana, 45, saw the bears in the driveway. She walked to the patio area where there were five bears eating trash that they had pulled out of the garage, her husband said.

“The bear got up on [its] hind legs and started to maul her, opened its jaws and put her head in the mouth and dragged her towards the woods,” Frank Frana said. “Somehow she was able to pull herself out.”

Frana was released from the hospital Sunday morning and is recovering at home, her husband said.

Wildlife officials are concentrating on finding the bears, and put out traps and searched for them throughout the night.