Beatles Responsible For Drugs In Russia

Chief medical officer of Russia Yevgeny Bryun stated at a Moscow press conference that the country is still feeling the consequences of the Beatles propaganda of the 1960’s.

“After The Beatles went to expand their consciousness in India ashrams, they introduced that idea — the changing of one’s psychic state of mind using drugs — to the population,” he said. “When business understood that you could trade on that — on pleasure and goods associated with pleasure — that’s probably where it all began.”

According to Bryun, stiff measures are needed to fight advertising and mass culture, which currently promotes drug use.

It is no secret that The Beatles experimented with various drugs while writing their music. In 2004, Sir Paul McCartney even admitted that a lot of their songs were inspired by drugs. According to McCartney, “Got To Get You Into My Life” was about pot, “Day Tripper” was about acid and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was greatly referred to LSD.

The English rock band was banned as a vicious western invasion in the Soviet Union, when Melodiya, the state record manufacturer, stated that “musicians such as these, who have plunged to the depth of musical decline, do not deserve a place on Soviet records.”

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